Vogel is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. He is the fourth member of the Rowdy 3, and a psychic vampire.

Biography Edit

A Completely Lost DogEdit

Following their escape from the CIA, the Rowdy 3 began to follow Dirk Gently in the hopes of sucking psychic energy from him when he is in an emotional state. When they break into Todd's apartment, Vogel is seen yelling "Shut your hole before we tear it out your face and put it in a dumpster!" before wrecking the place. (read more)


The Middle of EverywhereEdit

Amanda and Vogel successfully evaded capture by Project Blackwing, and were on the run ever since. Amanda had been having visions, which the two followed in the hopes of finding the other Rowdy 3.[2]

On Amanda's Most Wanted profile, Vogel was noted as a "missing person".[1]


Behind the scenesEdit



  • The character name is often misspelled as "Vogle", even in some offical materials, but Max Landis confirmed the spelling as "Vogel".[4]
  • He plays a gameboy

References Edit

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