• Mmcgui12

    I'm asking because a few months ago, I started a BBC America-verse fanfiction on there as part of a prompt meme. OK, technically, it's a crossover with Her Interactive's Nancy Drew PC game adaptations.

    Basically, the plot is Dirk is paired up with one of the Nancy Drew characters, Sonny Joon, in a pen pal program. I have Sonny's first introductory letter/chapter posted, and I'm looking for someone to write as Dirk.

    A couple days after I posted said first chapter, a non-registered reader on AO3 had asked about writing as Dirk once they created an account. Usually the account application process takes no more than a week, but it's been 5 1/2 to 6 months since I heard anything from that reader.

    Anyway, if anyone here has an AO3 account and is inteā€¦

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