Tina Tevetino is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Early lifeEdit

Tina Tamara[1] Tevetino is a Deputy Sheriff to the Bergsberg County Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs of the Bergsberg County Sheriff's Department.

Before season 2, Tina had a "10- to 15-year dark period where [she] experimented with some pretty heavy drugs"[2].

Something happenedEdit

She spent Day 1 high and drunk on white wine, sleeping in her car all day. A night she returned to the Bergsberg County Sheriff's Office, where she was called over by Hobbs, who showed her the FBI Most Wanted profiles of Todd Brotzman, Amanda Brotzman, and Farah Black, two of which he had seen in the area that day.[3]


On Day 3, Tina again let out the prisoners in the morning and let them have old uniforms and clothes from evidence lockup that had been left behind on the Sound of Nothing campgrounds. She watched as the corpse from the tree was examined, and when Bart arrived. When the others left to check on Suzie Boreton, Tina stayed with Farah at the office, where she received a call from Scott Boreton about a hit and run, which both drove out to look at. They found Panto Trost and arrested him. She was present when Panto woke up that night and told them of the prophecy.[2]



Defending BergsbergEdit






Tina has blond hair, often worn in a messy variety of big and smaller braids. She has three stars tattooed next to her right eye.

Tina is bisexual.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit




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