The Mage is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


The Middle of EverywhereEdit

The Mage visited the office Suzie Boreton worked at, talked to her a bit, then aasked to speak her boss, Dan Samuels. Samuels refused to work with him anymore and told him to leave, upon which the Mage killed him in front of Suzie. He told her that he would send by someone to get the body, and left.[1]

He sent a group of Cavatos thugs to remove the body and kill Suzie, providing them with a magic book and a magic wand for the task.[1]



The Mage has a moustache. His right hand is extensively tattooed or otherwise painted, being almost entirely colored dark, with symbols shown in the negative on the darkened skin by omitting color.

Behind the scenesEdit




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