Suzie Boreton is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


At age nine, Suzie won the Ohio Junior Membermazing Competition by having memorized the whole first act of the Shakespeare play Macbeth.

She married Bob Boreton, and had a son, Scott.

She worked for Dan Samuels.

At some point she had an accident, which may be the cause for her injury. She has a lame leg and uses a cane to walk.

At age forty (possible approximation)[1] she lived in a house in Bergsberg with her husband Bob, her son Scott, and a dog.

Season 2 (The Middle of Everywhere)Edit

Suzie woke up to her son Scott setting off fireworks in their car outside the house. The following altercation resulting in Suzie confiscating Scott's phone, and Scott locking her out of the house, necessitating Suzie climbing to her bedroom window with a ladder. Suzie drove to work, dropping off Bob on the way; on the drive she saw Bart Curlish cycle by.[1]

At work, her boss Dan Samuels reminded her to get some things in order. Her office was visited by the Mage who talked with her, then spoke to Samuels, and killed him. The Mage told her he would send someone to get the body and left; Suzie did not call the police. At night when she was washing off the blood, four Cavatos Thugs came to the office and dragged her outside; they also bagged Samuels' body and put it in a car boot. The Cavatos Leader then tried to kill her with a magic wand and magic book supplied to them by the the Mage for that purpose. When he couldn't get that to work and tried to kill her directly, Bart Curlish appeared and killed all four men. Bart spared Suzie's life, contrary to her feelings. When Bart once again got threatening, Suzie started screaming, the magic wand flew into her hand, and she used it to send Bart flying by screaming a magic word (Borobotos) through the wand. Afterwards she gathered the wand and book, and fled the scene, returning home unnoticed by her family and locking herself in the bathroom.[1]

...[2] [3] [4]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Suzie Boreton is portrayed by actress Amanda Walsh.
  • Suzie wears shirts with plot-appriate text on them: "Don't Make Me Use My SUPERPOWERS!" in Space Rabbit, "I Can't Believe It!" in [[]].




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