Sherlock Hobbs is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Early lifeEdit

Sherlock Hobbs the Sheriff of Bergsberg County, head of the Bergsberg County Sheriff's Department. His Deputy is Tina Tevetino.[1]

Hobbs is also the tow truck driver in the county.[1]

Hobbs' whole family was in law enforcement.[1] Hobbs has a brother, who lives in Omaha; the brother's favorite things as reported by Hobbs are knitting and amateur psychoanalysis.[1]

Something happenedEdit

Hobbs was driving along a state road in Bergsberg County when he came upon a parked car, with Todd Brotzman inside. Hobbs spoke to him briefly before Todd had a Pararibulitis attack. A returning Farah Black bundled Todd back into the car and drove off. Hobbs picked up a prescription pill bottle they had dropped and left behind, which was pararibulitis medicine made out to Amanda Brotzman. Doing a little follow-up research with that name, that night Hobbs came across the FBI Most Wanted list profiles of Todd Brotzman, Amanda Brotzman, and Farah Black, which he also showed to his Deputy Tina Tevetino.[1]





Under controlEdit

Bob Boreton told Farah and Tina that Hobbs was alive and at the Bergsberg quarry.[6]

... With the death of the Mage, Hobbs was restored to normal, waking up confused.[7]


Behind the scenesEdit



  • "And Hobbs is down and interested. What Hobbs has, that actually I don't wanna say out loud, but actually is one of the cookies we really give on the show, is warmth. Hobbs is warm, he is accepting, and he's interested. Almost every character on the show to some degree is at war with themselves and fighting the pull of an outside agency. Hobbs is there to help, and he's the first character like that. Almost everyone else has a question or a problem they are posing. They have a reason for resistance. Whereas Hobbs, his reason for existence is to help." -Max Landis' Video Blog on Episode 2.02



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