Mona Wilder is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


During the Spring case, Mona existed in the shape of the stress toy. The toy was in possession of Dirk Gently until he lost it in Todd Brotzman's apartment. Todd found it and picked it up, thereby unknowingly evading a kill shot by Hugo Friedkin. The toy was picked up by Martin in the Rowdy 3's attack on Todd's apartment.[1] The toy was in their possession for the remainder of the case until their apprehension by Project Blackwing.[2]

The Middle of EverywhereEdit

When the Rowdy 3 were apprehended, the toy they carried was either confiscated by Blackwing, or intentionally followed them. About two months later the toy is present in a Project Blackwing facility, regularly handled by Hugo Friedkin.[3]

On the day that Dirk Gently was put into Project Moloch's room, the toy's eyes were changed to green. Later when left unobserved, the toy moved and shapeshifed. Shifting through a series of forms on the way, Mona made her way to Dirk's cell. There she took on human form, told Dirk "Find the boy", and threw a glass of water in his face, disappeared him.[3]


Mona has dark hair. Her eyes have unnatural, large bright green irises (at least sometimes).

Mona spent a longer time in the shape of a plastic squeeze stress toy (cf. "Panic Pete" / "Bug Out Bob"). The toy is pale flesh-colored, the bug-out eyes blue, the mouth and ears red.


Mona has some form of shapeshifting abilities. She can change quickly into and between a variety of forms, both living beings and inanimate objects (and she can still move as the latter), of a variety of sizes and materials.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mona Wilder was teased as the seventh Blackwing subject present in season 1 by Max Landis on Twitter.[4]




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