Lydia Spring is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Lydia Spring is the daughter of billionaire Patrick Spring. The murder of her father, which Dirk Gently was hired to investigate, as well as her disappearance, were the central mysteries and plot of Season 1.


Early lifeEdit

Lydia was born to Catherine and Patrick Spring. Her mother Catherine was murdered in 2001, when Lydia was very young.

Lydia was raised as sole heir to the Spring fortune. Her father Patrick loved her, but was emotionally distant. She was close with their bodyguard Farah Black.

Season 1 (A Completely Lost Dog)Edit

After discovering a letter written by Gordon Rimmer, Lydia comes to believe that he knows about her family's mysterious past. She goes to Rimmer with several questions: who is Zackariah Webb, what happened to Edgar Spring, and who killed her mother. After Rimmer tells her that he can answer most of those questions, she enters his house.

Two days before the events of Horizons, Lydia was forced at gunpoint to lure Farah Black into a trap. Sometime later her soul was swapped into the body of Gordon's dog Rapunzel.

Found by Todd Edit

On his way home from work, Todd spots a Lydia as a corgi walking by herself. After seeing her a second time, he decides to bring the dog back to it's owner. After returning the dog, Todd sees Rapunzel (in Lydia's body) staring at him from inside the house. (read more)

Taken by Dirk Edit

When Dirk and Todd break into Gordon's house, Dirk escapes with Lydia in tow. He asks if she is Lydia spring and takes her barks as confirmation. Gordon makes an arrangement to get her back in exchange for Farah Black's life and during the exchange, Lydia is dropped over a bridge after Todd sees her face appear over the dog's. (read more)

In Police Custody Edit

After swimming her way to safety, Lydia walks to the police stations and patiently waits outside until Detective Estevez picks her up. Recognizing her as the corgi from the hotel, he and Zimmerfield decide to keep the Corgi in their office. (read more)

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Lydia is played by the actress Alison Thornton. Throughout most of the character's screentime in season 1 however, Lydia is soulswapped into the dog body of Rapunzel the Corgi, who is portrayed by the male dog Bentley the Corgi.
  • The "last seen" date on Lydia Spring's Missing poster is given as "07/08/16". This is prossibly a production error, or Lydia already ran away three weeks before contacting Rimmer.
  • Lydia's statement "I've been sleeping on the streets for a week."[7] about her time as a dog is inaccurate. She should have been at most one and a half days as the longest stretch without human supervision. This is either a production error, hyperbole, or an honest error on her part if she was unable to keep or perceive time as usual as a dog.




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