"Lost & Found" is an episode of the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the second episode of season 1.


Todd is drawn further into the case as they learn more about the fiends who captured Patrick Spring's daughter, Lydia. Mysterious characters take a step closer to a collision, culminating in an absurd hostage exchange.


Two Days Ago

At the Ridgley Building Lydia is shown at gun point forced to make a call to Farah for help. Before she can warn her that it's a trap, the phone call is cut off.

Farah arrives and is ambushed by the mysterious bald men from the previous episode. Walking through the hallway she comes upon Todd's door and begs him, gun in hand, to open the door. When Todd doesn't, the men return and she is captured.


Back in the hotel room, Farah awakens on the floor having knocked herself out previously. The men discover her and inform her that Patrick is dead (phrasing it as his energy is dispersed in the universe), revealing that Farah's job was to protect him. They demand to know where the kitten is and how Patrick could have been in two places at once.

Zimmerfield and Estevez arrive at the morgue to view Patrick Spring's headless body. The young worker there informs them that the bite marks match the great hammerhead shark and that the other two bodies from the crime scene were taken by the FBI, a fact that the FBI deny later on in the day. When the two return to the morgue, an older worker tells them that other than him no one else was working.

Dirk and Todd are observing Gordon's house where Lydia was seen earlier. Inside the garage they discover Lux DuJour, a musician who went missing, merchandise everywhere. Entering the house, they find Lydia crawling around and exhibiting dog-like behavior. While hiding in the bathtub, Lydia brings them a dog toy and Dirk throws it, accidentally knocking over a candle. Gordon discovered Dirk before he is able to exit through the bathroom window but Dirk manages to escape with the corgi as Gordon scrambles to put out the fire.

Bart and Ken are in a car when it suddenly stops working. Bart is unfazed, stating that the car will start running again when it is meant to. While Ken tells Bart that he was hired by the bald men to build an energy converter, a man on a motorcycle drives up and says he knows how to fix the car. While he fixes it, Bart tells Ken that when she was younger she was a part of a program. She is not sure what it was exactly but there are a couple of others like her but she never got to meet any of them so she doesn't know what they are like. Ken asks her why she wants to kill Dirk Gently and she says that he came to her in a dream. She believes that she is a leaf in the universe and just goes where it takes her, leading her to Dirk Gently whom she has to kill.

While going out for a smoke, Amanda realizes that the Rowdy 3 are following her. She throws a cement block at the their van and they return the block with a note that says "Hi".

After escaping, Todd and Dirk rest in an alleyway as Dirk reveals that he stole the dog. Noting that Gordon called Lydia "Rapunzel", Dirk surmises that the men must be dog hypnotists and that Lydia believes she is a dog and the dog believes it is Lydia. He receives a text from Gordon, having thrown all of his business cards at him back at his house in a self defense attempt. The text says "we have your friend" along with a picture of Farah Black. Gordon says Farah will die if they don't return the dog.

That night, Dirk and Todd arrive at the meet up location with the Todd, while the FBI, who had previously witnessed the men carrying Farah's unconscious body, watch the exchange from afar. Both parties seem equally confused on why their paths are intertwined. Realizing that there was in fact not an exchange deal made, Todd threatens to throw the dog off the bridge. While holding it over the edge, a human face appears from the dog's yelling "Help me!". Alarmed, Todd drops the dog, starting a scramble between the two parties and the FBI. In the struggle, Todd and Dirk escape with Farah, and the two FBI are discovered by the bald men. Nathan is killed and Agent Weedle is knocked out. Finding the agent's badges, Gordon asks one of the bald men if he would like to be a secret agent.

Back on the road, Ken pleads with the biker to leave before Bart kills him. It is then that the biker reveals that he plans on murdering the two and selling their car for pieces. When Bart advances on the man, he begins shooting at her but all of the shots mysteriously miss and she easily overpowers him. Bart tells a shocked Ken that she cant die. Ken wants to know why Bart hasn't killed him yet and she says he must be special too.

At CIA headquarters, Riggins arrives to a meeting about his project, Project Blackwing. His superior notes that his project was previously breached, releasing 30 individuals who are now at large. She confirms that Dirk is project Icarus and gives the colonel one last chance to bring all of the subjects back, otherwise they will be eliminated.

Todd and Dirk bring Farah back to Dirk's place. Following the shootout, Todd has a newly found energy in wanting to figure out the case. Todd discovers the cat and Dirk addresses Farah by name, indicating that he does in fact know her.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • During the filming of the bridge hostage exhange scene Samuel Barnett slipped and badly injured his right shoulder. The resulting favoring of the limb and the increased necessity for actor doubles standing in for some things can be noticed during a careful viewing of season 1.



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Holistic Connections Edit

  • Farah and Todd have previously crossed paths when she knocked on his door at the Ridgley. Also since Dirk refers to Farah by name, he must have also crossed paths with her before.
  • Bart tells Ken that the universe sends her people she is meant to kill. She knows she must kill the man who fixes their car before they find out that he had planned on robbing and murdering them.
  • Gordon says on the phone that he can feel that someone is watching them, all while Todd and Dirk are in his house listening.
  • When discussing his divorce, Nathan tells Agent Weedle that it's like becoming a whole other person. Later on in the episode, Gordon asks one of the bald men if he would like to become Weedle.
  • In Gordon's house, Lydia displays dog-like mannerisms and Gordon even addresses her as "Rapunzel". It is later revealed that Lydia is actually in Rapunzel's body.
  • Dirk and Bart state almost identical lines about how they are leaves in the universe, destined to go where they are meant to go.
  • Bart tells Ken that he must be alive because he is special. In the previous episode when Bart was trying to kill Ken, she became winded at the same time he did, keeping her from assassinating him.
  • Having stolen Amanda's photo in the previous episode, the Rowdy 3 begin pursuing her instead of Dirk.
  • Dirk had previously mentioned that he was not part of the CIA anymore, this is explained in the episode as he, along with the Rowdy 3, are escaped subjects of the CIA Project Blackwing.

Other Notes Edit

  • Dirk thinks that Lux DuJour may be somewhere in the house that Lydia Spring is at.
  • Gordon says that the "giraffe" and the "gorilla" men back at the hotel were in on something that affected him. He also says that the Giraffe had tried to kill him.
  • Ed wants to know how Patrick Spring could have been in two places at once.
  • When Gordon finds Dirk in the bathroom he exclaims "YOU!" implying that he has met Dirk before though Dirk doesn't seem to know why.
  • Dirk literally brings a knife to a gun fight, having misconstrued the well-known saying.
  • Dirk seems to know a lot more about the case than he is letting on.
  • Gordon tells Todd that he will fry the soul right out of his body.


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G: Why did you attack us?
D: We didn't! How do you know who we are?
G: We don't. Where is the kitten?
T: What kitten?
D: Who's that woman?
G: You don't know her?
D: Do you?
G: Why did you burn my house down?
D: I burnt your house down?
T: Where's Lydia?
G: She's not here. Bring me the dog!
D: Why do you want it?
G: Why did you take it?
T: We don't know!
G: Why did you kill Patrick Spring?
T: We didn't.
D: Did you?
- Todd, Dirk, and Gordon on the bridge

"Well, you know what they say about bringing a knife to a gun fight."
"That it's bad?"
"Oh, bloody hell, is that what that means?"
- Dirk and Todd discuss Dirk's knife


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