Ken is a character in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Ken is a tech-savvy man who was hired by the machine men to build a machine. When trying to complete the job, he is kidnapped by Bart Curlish but soon becomes her willing companion in her quest to find Dirk Gently.


Early Life Edit

Having intensive knowledge on electrical systems, Ken was often hired by criminals to partake in illegal projects. He had hoped to acquire a real job eventually but his clients just kept piling up.

A Completely Lost DogEdit

Ken is hired by the Men of the Machine to build somewhat of a replica of the machine that the cult already possesses. While working at a remote location with one of the members standing guard, the two are attacked by a woman named Bart Curlish who is a self-proclaimed holistic assassin and is on a search for a man named Dirk Gently. For some unknown reason, she decides to kidnap Ken to accompany her on her mission. [1]

Bart is driving Ken to their next location when the car suddenly breaks down. When a motorcyclist happens upon them, Ken first tries to convince the cyclist to call him a cab and then tries to convince him to leave before Bart can kill him. After fixing the car, the cyclist reveals his plan to murder them both and take the car however Bart disposes of him before he can.[2]

Later on, the rest of the cyclists gang track Ken and Bart down and attempt to avenge their comrade. Ken resigns himself to his fate of death but Bart is able to eliminate all of the men without Ken being harmed. Believing that Bart is some sort of angel, Ken decides to help her.[3]

The Middle of EverywhereEdit

Ken was held captive with Rapunzel at Project Blackwing, codenamed Project Alpha. He was believed to also have powers, due to surviving his week-long exposure to Bart, Project Marzanna. Because of this he was continually questioned by scientists, while Ken was trying to convince them that he was entirely normal. Both Ken and the dog were sat in the taxi they had been captured in, still wearing the livery he had at that time, placed in a large white cell; it could be brightly lit, but was apparently kept dark when no Blackwing personnel was inside. Ken kept a record of the time spent captivity, by scratching a mark per day into the taxi's dashboard.[4]

After seventy days of captivity (possible approximation), Ken was visited by Hugo Friedkin, who also believed him to have some sort of power too. Ken tried to convince him too, but failed. In return he was told a bit about the existence of the Blackwing subjects. When he told Friedkin that the subjects inherently belonged out in the world and hence couldn't be contained, it inadvertently inspired Friedkin to try exposing the subjects to each other.[4]


After his time in Blackwing at the start of season two, he has longer hair and a full beard.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Ken is portrayed by actor Mpho Koaho.
  • Ken's Project Blackwing symbol, the Project Alpha symbol, is a triangle with the tip crossed by a horizonal line, which itself ends on both sides with a small orthogonal line. The design may refer to the taxi he was found in, a silhouette with the roughly triangular shape and the rearview mirrors to the sides.



  • He knows the song "As Long As You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys


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