Kate Schechter is a character in Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books.


Early lifeEdit

Kate Schechter is an American journalist. She has a brother that works in publishing in New York.

She married Luke. The marriage was short, as Luke was killed in a taxi accident in New York not long after. Afterwards, she saw therapist Alan Franklin for a few sessions.


The Long Dark Tea-Time of the SoulEdit

She appears in the The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. At the time she is 30 years old. Jean-Philippe is her boyfriend.

She met Thor at Heathrow Airport.[1]


The Salmon of DoubtEdit

Kate appears in The Salmon of Doubt.[2]


In IDW comicsEdit

The Interconnectedness of All KingsEdit

Kate reappears in the comic story The Interconnectedness of All Kings as a CIA agent, investigating the same case that Dirk is. She reveals that she's going through a rough patch in her relationship with the Norse god Thor.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit




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